Training managers

Being a training or professional development manager can be a struggle. Training days aren’t always popular – participants can get bored in a bad session, and some programs just don’t stick. But you’re tasked with teaching a room of salespeople how to do their jobs better. And new hires are also put in your circle of influence – you’re the one who needs to get them up to speed. The sales team depends on you. You need to break through to them.

Do you need programs that will hold salespeople’s attention?

A day of training sessions can sometimes fail to hold the attention of participants. Salespeople may feel like the time would be better spent “doing actual work” – because they don’t see the benefit. Do you know how to hold their attention, and make training vital to salespeople?

Are you having trouble helping to get members of organizations on the same consistent path?

It’s important to create a common culture and sales language within the company. This allows for easier communication between levels in the sales team, from salesperson to manager – and it also codifies your sales process. Do you have the tools to be able to get everyone on the same page?

Do your methods fall short of matching the company’s culture?

Different groups have different personalities, and everything won’t fit perfectly with every group. Your style may not naturally fit. You need training that can adapt to multiple situations, rather than a process that is rigid and inflexible.

Are you helping new hires get up to speed?

The faster new members of the sales team are integrated in the company, the better off the team is as a whole. New hires need to be introduced to your company’s culture in particular, and they need to be trained on the specific processes and sales language used. This is a critical part of the training team’s responsibilities, and a process should be in place for doing it effectively.

Can you correlate product training with sales training?

A salesperson needs to know what she’s selling. But it’s far better to fully integrate that knowledge with sales training – this way the approach salespeople take can be tailored to the product. Training on sales generally in concert with training on products specifically increases efficiency and effectiveness.