Sales Teams

The world of a sales professional is highly competitive, and you’re constantly looking for a leg up on the opposition. New ways to grow your book of business, new ways to talk to prospects, ways to sell – anything that can help you grow your accounts is helpful.

If you’re a seasoned, experienced seller, you might be looking for help just getting an edge over the competition. You know the game, but you need help executing. If you’re new to the business, you just need tools for your toolbox. You’re looking for help learning the game, so you can go from grinding out results through sheer effort to dominating your sphere of influence.

Are you unable to answer prospects’ objections properly?

Are you just winging it, and getting caught off-guard by questions you didn’t expect? Are you telling prospects what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear? Have you lost control of the sales process because your prospect is stalling you, or because you can’t answer their questions?

Do you spend too much time working with prospects who won’t buy?

Do you neglect qualifying before you start to present to a prospect on how you can help? Do you hand out proposals too early? Do you offer free advice to customers, only to find that you’ve made yourself unnecessary? Do you talk to too many non-decision makers, or prospects with no pain that you can solve?

Are you giving away control of the conversation to the prospect?

Are you unable or afraid to talk price with prospects until the last minute? Do you give up too much information up front, and see prospects walk away with what they needed – at no cost? Are you unable to create urgency to buy, or build your value to prospects?

Do you have problems expanding your customer base?

Are you unable or unmotivated to prospect? Do you over commit to cold calls, neglecting other forms of prospecting? Does poor qualifying of prospects lead to wasting time with people who won’t – or can’t – buy from you?

Do you know how to close the deal?

Do you lose sales that seemed like they were a sure thing? Do you see prospects walk away after getting some “free consulting”? Is your pipeline inaccurate, or just slower than it should be?