Frontline Professional

For a frontline professional, sales can be seen as a dirty word. You don’t feel like you’re a salesperson – whether you’re in customer service, or a technician, or an estimator, you like to just work, and help your customers. But you’re doing it anyway – when you see a customer needs more than they ask for, you tell them and give compelling reasons to buy from you. You might not call it “upselling,” but it’s part of your job. And once you realize that, you realize that you could be doing it better.

Do you lack assertiveness with customers, and avoid intimidating people?

Do you just take orders from your customers, rather than engaging with them? Do you avoid trying to add on to your sale, even if the add-on is something the customer needs? Do you know how to deal with different types of customers, or do you take a one-size-fits-all approach?

Do you lack a systematic way of selling?

You have a process to fix or build things – but what about a sales process? Would your outlook on selling be different if you had a process that gave you the latitude to be yourself, and also provided strong results?

Do you spend too much time with customers who don’t buy, and on “unpaid consulting”?

The job you do lends itself to this. People know you’re an expert, and they want your help. But can you turn that expertise, and people’s interest in it, into actual business? Or do you waste time helping customers who will never buy from you?

Are you approaching sales with a negative outlook?

Do you feel unconfident or unsure of your ability to sell? Are you holding back because you don’t want to be seen as a “salesperson”? Are you coming to your customers with a service-only mindset – and that service-only mindset isn’t leading to additional business?

Do you have issues responding to objections or pressure on price?

You know your work, and your business. But do you have the know-how to be able to answer tough questions? Do you have the ability to help the customer plainly see the problem that’s obvious to you? Do you have the confidence to stand firm on your price?