Hiring Sales Team

No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to hire the right mix of people for your sales team. You can’t find good candidates, and when you do, they don’t seem interested. When you finally do hire a salesperson who seemed great in the interview, they flop on the big stage. And the few great salespeople you can bring in leave – and replacements are hard to find. There’s something wrong with your hiring process, but you’re just not sure what it is.

You aren’t sure if you’re building the right sales team.

Do you have trouble identifying the right pieces for your sales team’s puzzle? Do you have trouble telling the difference between good and bad hires until they sink or swim on the job? Do new hires take too long to get up to speed? Are you losing too many good salespeople to your competitors?

Turnover on your sales team is too high.

Do you hire sales people only to end up cutting them loose after they flop? Do you routinely lose your best sellers to other opportunities? Are you constantly hiring, or looking for better options than you have available?

You’re stuck hiring other businesses’ cast-offs.

Are you hiring problem salespeople from other businesses? Are you hiring from within the industry, because you don’t feel that you can teach a new hire everything they would need to know? Do you hire someone thinking they could be a fit, but the old problems return?

It takes new hires too long to ramp up.

You end up hiring sub-par candidates, and the on-boarding process ends up lengthy and more complicated than it should be. They don’t know things they should, and either can’t or won’t learn. They don’t fit in with your company’s culture and, thus, have to take time to adapt.

You hire salespeople who have had success, but falter with you.

Good salespeople work well everywhere – but not with you. What’s the problem? Did you overestimate their ability? Do they not fit in with your culture? Are your sales processes hindering their abilities.