Owner Presidents

If you’re the president of a company, you’re always on the move. Life is fast-paced – you find yourself juggling the details, plus running a business. You need things taken off your plate, not more things to do. You’re planning and executing strategy on a high level, and when your sales team isn’t hitting its numbers, you expect your sales managers to remedy the problem, but it’s not happening. You love to win – but your managers and salespeople need more tools to help your company win more, and get that win faster.

Your sales team can’t close.

They don’t know how, or it takes too long. Or even if they aren’t always slow, their closing speed varies so much that you can’t count on them enough to be able to forecast. Either way, you can’t rely on your sales team to get prospects to make decisions in a timely manner.

They aren’t bringing in new clients.

They won’t prospect, or they don’t know how. They only do it when their pipeline thins out. When they do, they only cold call – and a lot of the time they put even that off, by “getting ready to get ready” and pushing other less-important work ahead of prospecting.

Your sales team isn’t staffed properly.

You just can’t keep a good team together. Your managers can’t find good people, and just when they think they have, the new hire flops on the big stage. When you finally do get ahold of a master seller, she leaves for “a better situation.”

Results are inconsistent, swinging from great to subpar.

Your sales team’s results are a rollercoaster, and the pipeline is totally unpredictable. You aren’t sure what’s causing the wild swings between extremes, but you do know that they make it impossible to forecast.

Your team fails to forecast future returns adequately.

They say over and over that a sale will close, or that it’s about to close – and yet it stagnates. They predict that a deal is a lock, then fail to close it. They don’t report back on progress, meaning that your sales managers – and you – have no idea what’s going on.