HOA’s Legacy Resorts

As with most legacy resorts, the combination of an aging owner base as well as an aging physical asset results in high maintenance expense at a time when HOA dues is dropping due to increases in delinquency. This can put enormous pressure on a property as a lack of adequate funds often means deferred maintenance or refurbishment which only reduces the properties attractiveness to its owners and others. This only motivates more owners to “walk away” which in turn puts more financial pressure on the existing owners as they are forced to make up the shortfall in funds or see their property slide into disrepair.

This pattern must be addressed and stopped. We have a solution. The implementation of an Inventory Monetization Program.

The goal of an Inventory Monetization Program is to:

  • Monetize unsold or repossessed inventory
  • Reduce future defaults through adding benefits to existing members
  • Refresh and stabilize the member base by adding new members
  • Generate additional cash for the HOA
  • Reduce inflationary pressures on maintenance fees due to unsold inventory.

It is VITAL for all HOAs to have a mechanism by which they can continually monetize repossessed inventory. This must be done in a way without devaluing the resort by selling once valuable weeks at discounted prices.

Lets talk about how Helm International can possibly help your property out of this dangerous spiral.