Team Assessment

Identifying the strength of INDIVIDUALITY in your Sales Team

What is the one of the biggest concern amongst business owners? The Sales Department. However, by tapping into the individual strengths and weaknesses of your sales team, you can produce a top performers to strengthen you economic growth. Lets examine your current sales routine:

  1. Does my team have clear expectations of how to exceed the financial goals of the company?
  2. Does my team know the current trends within sales compared with our competition?
  3. Does everyone share the same understanding of what is needed to drive the team to succeed current sales expectations?
  4. Have I provided the team with the proper training and experience to be highly successful?
  5. Do I have a process to identify weaknesses in my sales team and an action plan to strengthen it?

If any of these questions evoke a spark within you, then the Helm Coaching Assessment will be a useful tool to help evaluate and strengthen your sales team. The Assessment is a scientific questionnaire committed to delivering a thought provoking view at how your sales team is currently working. It examines your management strategies and narrows down specific areas for growth. Also, by uncovering the key talents and patterns of your team’s individually, it gives you a map for future recruits to complement the existing team.