Devine Inventory

Will this sales candidate prospect? Will they overcome objections or lower the price? Will their pipeline be inflated or real? What is the true cost if you hire the wrong person?

If you are serious about hiring the right professional for your company, utilize the Devine Inventory™ competency assessment as part of your selection process. Our clients tell us the assessment has helped them to pinpoint quickly the candidate most likely to be a top performer and reduce their recruitment time.

Many business owners express frustration over the lack of productivity, and are disappointed with results of their sales people. They thought they hired the “right” person, but the one who showed up on the job was not the person they interviewed, or so it seems. The result is revenue is not growing as rapidly as planned. In fact, only one in five candidates interviewed even qualifies for the position!

To make matters even more challenging, today’s business environment has changed the way people buy, and different skills of selling professionals apply.

The Devine Inventory™ competency assessment results also provide you with targeted interview questions that help you determine whether certain “low-scoring” behaviors are caused by hard-wired behaviors of the candidate, cultural influences or transitory life situations.

It is very hard to determine from a resume and interview if someone will prospect, if they have the ambition and drive, and if they are able to take control of the selling process and close the sale. Increase your likelihood of making the right hire the first time.

The Devine Inventory™ has 100+ job profiles that they assess for. So whether you are wanting to assess a seller, an engineer, a customer service rep or a VP of Operations, Devine has an assessment tailored for your needs.