About Us

A Goal is a dream with deadline



Our Approach

First we gather intelligence. We need to know as much about your business and sales process as possible, to determine next steps and a plan to solve whatever problems you may have. How does sales leadership impact your sales force? Do your systems and processes support a high performance sales organization? Is there opportunity to improve your pipeline and forecasting accuracy? What are your short-term priorities for accelerated growth?

After we have performed the assessments and gathered information from your team, we can then build the plan. We will create a strategy specially designed for your business, with the path that will take you to your specific goals. It will provide insight into questions such as, Can we shorten your sales cycle?, Is your team selling on price?, and How well are your sales leadership strategies aligned?.

Then, finally, the plan is executed and your company experiences the full force of its improved sales process. It’s measurable results and tracked according to our plan. Your business is different. It needs a different solution, and that’s what HCG provides.

Our Approach